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What is a wardrobe consultation...

Through this personal wardrobe consultation, you will discover how to create new fabulous outfits from what you already have. I will look at your clothes with professional eyes and put items together you would have never thought of (well, this is what I have been doing for the past 20 years so I know it works!) I believe that you don’t know what you need until you know what you have and simply buying more clothes doesn't mean you will have more clothes to wear. 

I will share my vast experience to help you to find your unique style - we all have one but sometimes life gets in the way and we forget just how fabulous we are!

I will show you which styles work and which do not. Together, we will identify what is missing from your wardrobe to complete your look. I will create new outfits for you and photograph the looks as we go which will start to form your style reference book. My clients love this because there is no more staring at your wardrobe for inspiration, all of your outfits have been planned in advance so you just need to decide what you want to wear from your very own personal look book!

My Wardrobe Consultation is an investment into yourself as you gain confidence with who you are, plus you'll learn how to add valuable additions into your wardrobe rather than wasting time and money on the clothes you'll never wear again.

By the end of the days consultation you will:

  • Have a wardrobe full of clothes you can’t wait to wear.
  • Feel confident knowing your style.
  • Know how to make fashion work for you.
  • Know which styles to choose in the future.
  • Have all your assets in the right place because you will have learnt the power of a good bra!
  • Know which brands to shop at saving you both time and money.
  • Learn the importance of wardrobe maintenance so your clothes look like new every time you wear them.
  • Have a good capsule wardrobe to which you can build your style on.

Wardrobe Consultation: 10.30am to 14.30pm (This does not include travel time outside of the Leamington area).

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